All homes at Chobham Manor are built to Lifetime Home Standards. Below you can learn more about the design of your home, as well as the features and materials used.


The superstructure of the property is concrete frame with metal frame infills and cast stone / brickwork or insulated cladding founded on pile foundations. The flat roofs are constructed of concrete with a waterproof membrane.


The superstructure of the property is constructed of insulated brick and block cavity walls with engineered timber joist floors and roof or concrete planks founded on pile foundations.

Internal walls

The internal walls are either load bearing blockwork with plasterboard dry lining or metal stud partitions with plasterboard.

Safety note

Your new apartment will have pipes and electrical wires located within the walls. Whilst in most cases these are discreetly placed in areas least likely to be affected, you are advised that a careful check of adjacent switches and pipe positions etc is established before screwing items into the wall. It is also important to use the correct fixings for the weight of the object being supported. If unsure we recommend that you employ a competent tradesman to complete the work for you.


The windows in your property are aluminium composite frames with high performance glazing with built-in safety restrictors.


A new home constructed to current building regulations is significantly better at retaining heat than one built to even the previous regulations, which were at the time a big improvement on those before them. Building regulations specify minimum levels of insulation for all elements of the construction that are externally exposed.