As the chosen estate management team, L&Q would like to join Taylor Wimpey in welcoming you to your new home.

We have been working hard to ensure that you as residents of Chobham Manor can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained estate.

The service charge that each resident pays, ensures that the communal areas are cleaned and maintained to a high standard and the surrounding gardens and pathways are always well cared for. Our aim is to ensure that Chobham Manor remains a well-presented and positively enjoyable place to live.

L&Q will also be collecting the Queen Elizabeth Park charge on behalf of the LLDC. This payment ensures that the wider park is also well maintained and that it too remains a place you are proud to call home.

As part of our engagement strategy, we would like to meet and provide you all with an information pack explaining what our responsibilities are and key dates.

When you initially move in to Chobham Manor all estate management enquiries will be handled by:

L&Q, 3 Peloton Avenue, London E20 1HB

0300 456 9998 – [email protected]

The Estate Office at Chobham Manor is open Monday to Friday between 9am–5pm.

This office will provide space for residents to come and discuss anything that they are unsure of or need guidance or help with.

More information

For more information on cleaning, maintenance, service charges and to find out when you can speak to your Property Manager, please visit: