The drop-down menus below will take you to the manufacturer’s user guides for each of your new kitchen appliances, as well as information about your underfloor heating system.



Siemens HB64AB521B


Zanussi ZDT11001FA

Washer Dryer

Zanussi ZKG7169


Zanussi ZBB28441SA

Chimney Hood

Siemens LI46631GB

Zone Hob

Siemens ET645CE17E


Underfloor heating:

The thermostat has a keypad lock facility. To activate the lock, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the A and down keys together for 10 seconds
  • You will see the lock symbol appear on screen
  • To unlock, repeat the steps above until the lock symbol disappears.

Note: The keypad lock indicator is only displayed when the lock is active.

Temperature Control:

The Up/Down keys allow you to adjust the set temperature. When you press either key, you will see the word SET and the desired temperature will be displayed on screen. Use the Up/Down keys to adjust the SET value. Press A to confirm settings and return to main display.

Note: This override will be maintained until the next programmed comfort level. For more underfloor heating information please see our step-by-step video demonstration: