Zipcar is a pay-as-you-go car club designed to provide members with access to cars and vans as quickly and conveniently as possible with the least amount of hassle. Each Zipcar member receives a smart ‘Zipcard’ which allows them to book and pick up any one of the vehicles in the fleet 24/7, 365 days a year.

Using Zipcar couldn’t be easier; members let themselves in and out of the cars with their smart card. There is therefore no queuing for car collection/return.

Please see our parking zone map for details of where Zipcar bays are located at Chobham Manor.

20 Cheering Ln, East Village, London E15 2ER, UK

2 Sunrise Cl, East Village, London E20 1DU, UK

14 Logan Cl, East Village, London E20 1EZ, UK

65 Olympic Park Ave, Chobham Manor, London E20 1FA, UK

2 Anthems Way, London E15 2ER, UK

1 Liberty Bridge Rd, East Village, London E20 1AS, UK

Seasons House, 8 Mirabelle Gardens, East Village, London E20 1BW, UK

16 International Way, London E15 1AZ, UK

55 Waddington Rd, London E15 1QL, UK

1-year free membership and £50 driving credit

We’ve joined forces with Taylor Wimpey to give residents of Chobham Manor a free car (ok, well free Zipcar membership anyway). Reserve Zipcars and Zipvans near you (and across Europe and North America) by the hour, day or week from just £6 an hour. What’s more, as a resident we’re giving you 1-year’s free membership and £50 driving credit. We’ll even cover your fuel, insurance and the congestion charge too.

As low as £6/hour

60 miles free/per day

Congestion Charge included

Fuel and insurance included

Book online or via our Android and iPhone apps

1,700 Zipcars all over London

book a car/become a member

How it works

You simply:

1.Book online or via the iPhone/Android app or mobile internet site

2.Identify your Zipcar

3.Use your smart car, or smart phone to unlock the door

4.Check for damage

5.Take the keys

6.Use the fuel card to pay for petrol

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